Finding a good tailor in Hoi An

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Finding a good tailor in Hoi An

Hoi An is home to possibly the world’s highest concentration of tailors per capita, who will stop at nothing to get you to buy clothing you think you need.

Tailor / Cloth Shop in Hoi An, Vietnam


Having clothes custom made for you can be highly tempting; I certainly wanted to give it a shot. I met travellers who visited Hoi An specifically to have a new wardrobe outfitted, or to buy formal wear for an entire wedding party.

The bespoke tailoring offered is certainly cheaper than many places elsewhere in the world, and this fact alone is not missed by the tailors who, measuring tape in hand, descend on you. If you do want to have some bespoke pieces—a suit, or dress, or a winter coat—made for you, here are some tips.

It pays to be precise in describing what you want

First and foremost, shop around. This seems like a no-brainer, but in a town containing more than a hundred tailoring shops Hoi An, it’s a buyer’s market and you’ll do well if you explore the options. Which shop you choose will depend on what you’re after—a suit to wear to the office? Or something comfortable and inexpensive to wear through the heat?

If you’re after something that will last, or are looking to invest a bit of money in a few pieces, do your due diligence carefully; if you’re in it for the novelty of having something made just for you, it matters less which shop you choose.

Each store will be different in terms of pricing, quality of fabrics used, quality of tailoring, customer service, turnaround time, and style of clothing offered, so learning which shops offer what will benefit you greatly before you plunk down any cash.

Start by looking at what is on display outside each store. Many shops will be able to replicate just about anything your heart desires, but all stores will have their own designs too. It’s usually easy to pick out which stores are more expensive than others—they’ll be air conditioned, or will be larger.

A suit can cost $80 and $60 at neighboring shops, and price will depend on the experience of tailor Hoi An, fabrics chosen, and time taken. Choosing pieces of clothing that will fit with your current wardrobe is best—although the bright red coat on display may look pretty, it often won’t fit in with what you already own.

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