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Hoi An Silks | Bi Hanh Tailors

From past to now, silk is one of the famous products that people can find in Hoi An. In this town of Vietnam, there are a lot of local products that can be found. Hoi An silks products would be one of these items that people love getting.

hoi an silks

When travelling to Hoi An, people will find that there are some local markets. In these markets, a lot of traditional crafts could be found. These items are popular tourist souvenir which would be bought by them back for their friends or families. Therefore, these items are usually made with high quality and local culture in order to attract the tourists to purchase them.

The beautiful Hoi An Silks products are definitely things that you have to get when you travel to this town. Compared with other places of Vietnam, the silk products that you can find in Hoi An would usually be more attractive. It is because these silk products are made with traditional techniques in Hoi An. According to some of the local people, a certain type of special material would be added to the product in order to make it more beautiful and unique. The design of the silk would also help the product to become popular. People can easily find that these items have sharp colors and this is the traditional style in Hoi An town.

hoi an old town

The sharp colors of the Hoi An silks are the attractive reasons why people would choose these items. Although some people think that these silks are not very attractive, tourists coming from non-Asian countries would usually find that they are very interesting. Being one of the Asian countries with rich Asian culture, Vietnam produces a lot of traditional silk products with Asian elements. For example, the drawings or the designs shown on these silk products would have some traditional Chinese figures. The use of color also represents the Asian culture. This attracts foreigners to purchase because they are quite unique in their sense.

Although these silk products are very special, the cost is not really high. It is because the products are usually made by the local factories which are not large international corporate. Therefore, they would not always look for the high profit margin. Instead, some of these people would treat the silk products as one of the means for promoting their local culture to the others. This idea supports them to make the products and sell the products in the reasonable price range.

Of course, another reason for the Hoi An Silks products to be cheap is that the competition between manufacturers is high. Therefore, the companies would need to compete with each other by charging people with lower price. This would help reduce the cost of the materials and increase the incentive for people to purchase these items.

Absolutely, buying the silks in Hoi An is a smart decision. You can always choose the right type of silk products and get them for your own uses or for your friends as gifts.

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