Men Pants

Shirt Suit Pants Overcoast Blazer Waist Coat


Choose Fabric

“Enter the code corresponding to the type of fabric you select in the box”[contact-field label='code cloth' type='text' required='1'/]

Enter your personal information

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Enter Waist

[contact-field label='Waist' type='text' required='1'/]Neck Measure around your waist at the level where you would normally wear your pants/ trousers.

Enter Hip

[contact-field label='Hip' type='text' required='1'/]Chest Measure around the fullest part of your hips and bultocks.

Enter Crotch

[contact-field label='Crotch' type='text' required='1'/]Waist Measure from the front top of the pant’s waistband to the back top of the pant’s waistband. The tape should from a U shape.

Enter Thingh

[contact-field label='Thingh' type='text' required='1'/]Hip Measure around your thigh at it’s widest point.

Enter Length

[contact-field label='Length' type='text' required='1'/]Length Measure from the top of your pant’s waistband to the floor or desired length along the outside of your leg.