Pick a good tailor in Hoi An

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Hoi An tailor clothings

Hoi An tailor clothing has always been for the well-to-do: refined elitist fashion that fits like a glove but can cost an arm and a leg. Or at least it was, until word got out among savvy travelers about a tiny coastal town in the middle of Vietnam where hundreds of shops filled with fine fabrics and teams of skilled seamstresses lined the streets.

good tailor in hoi an

In Hoi An, a few hours south of Hue, even paupers (or in this case, budget travelers) can arm themselves with enough handmade stylish shoes and suits to pass as kings. Hoi An is worth a stop because the clothing discounts are deep and the textile temptations are many. Still, too many days in this tourist-ridden town can result in major headaches and a serious blow to an already tight budget. With these seven tips, travelers will avoid first-time tailoring mistakes, learn how to find the best shops for clothing and shoes, and leave with their wallets (and their sanity) intact, too.

Pick a good tailor in Hoi An

Everyone quite overwhelmed by the vast amount of amount of tailor shops that were in Hoi An.

After doing some research it became apparent that many of these tailor shops are simply fronts for back alley local tailors who work hard and only earn a fraction of the sale price. Many of these back alley tailors can be compared to sweat shop workers and their skills as professional tailors is quite limited and lacking in quality. The conditions in which they work in and remuneration for their services is quite sad. However, this is the reality of life in Hoi An and many other Asian countries around the world.

In pursuit of a good tailor in Hoi An who can whip up pretty much any type of clothing you could think of you really need to look beyond the shop front and find out which particular store uses the best tailor in town. As with most things you generally get what you pay for and this is generally the case when shopping for a quality suit or item of clothing in Hoi An. But you must understand that there is no point in paying a high price for a quality material when your clothes are going to be tailored by an unskilled tailor.

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