Sewing with tailor’s Hoi An

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Sewing with tailor’s Hoi An

Hoi An is jam packed with tailors on every corner trying to get a piece of the action. Made to measure and in about 48 hours, you can choose from the tailor’s catalogue or bring in your own magazine clipping (better still, the real thing). They can whip up a traditional ao doi, summer dresses, winter coats, wedding dresses and three piece suits.

tailors hoi an

Well tailored items take time. So if you can spend more than 48 hours in Hoi An, you will get a better chance of receiving good quality as you will have more time for fittings and alterations.

Good quality tailors in Hoi An with quality fabrics cost more, as do tight deadlines.

It helps to know your fabrics and the little extras such as thread colour, linings, buttons and zips. Always, always check the quality of the fabric. If it’s silk, ask for a small sample and test with a cigarette or match (synthetics melt and silk burns).

Remember to check your finished outfit for stitching, fraying, holes and overall quality. A friend of mine in a rush didn’t check her dress until she left Hoi An and upon opening her bag realised that the dress was two sizes larger and quite simply not intended for her.

If you plan on making a large order or you want something quite special made, shop around and visit the different tailors. Even request a smaller item made to assess the quality of work. Ask other travellers and look at other products being fitted to customers before you commit yourself.

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