Tailors Hoi An, the past and recent

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Hoi An is well known as it is special place of tailoring. Ancestral of tailoring in Hoi An and tailors Hoi an is handed by people in this ancient town with the name Nguyen Thi Sen. In the early years of the twentieth century, Hoi An already had both western tailors beside tradition tailors. There are many tailors Hoi An who has famous stage names till nowadays like Đỗ Mậu, Lê Ái, Trần Nạn, Nguyễn Diệm, Trần Tiết, Nguyễn Sung, Tư Thuỳ, Bốn Lữ, Châu Toàn, Nguyễn Tạo, Hoàng Mỹ, Lê Chương … with famous brand like Công Thành, Vĩnh Lợi, Lữ Phát, Văn Minh, Tiến Hưng, Hiệp Thái, Tân Tân, Bi Hạnh, Lợi Hưng, Hiệp Hưng … Stage name of Vietnamese tailors like Hai Trác, mr Xin, mr Chương, mr Chung… In fact, in the time almost of tailors were small.


As mr Nguyen Sung – the owner of Tiến Hưng tailor – said, in the years of 1945, there were about 60-70 tailors in Hoi An with about 20 stores and brand. There were about 5-7 sewing machines with the same number of staffs, some of them worked part time. From 9th month of lunar calendar ultil Tet holiday, some big tailors start to work full day with night shift to adapt the customers’ demand for Tet holiday, almost of customer’s demand is Vietnamese clothes, there are few people require for western clothes for special celebration.

Since the ancient town of Hoi An was recognized as the World Cultural Heritage, tourism in Hoi an is strong growth, therefore, tailoring in Hoi has chance to develop to reserve of higher customer’s demand, especially foreign travelers.

According to the report of Economic Chamber of Hoi An, there were about 320 households with over 800 employees participating in the garment industry in Hoi An. In particular, Cam Pho Ward has 54 households – 220 employees, Son Phong Ward 39 households – 126 employees, Tan An 36 households – 81 employees … Specially Ming An ward which located in the centre of ancient town has 57 households open cloth shop or tailor, union workers gathered and each of them work on a segment of sewing line at the place. That is “hot” sewing – a new trending of tailors Hoi An to serve travelers in short time as they don’t have much time on their vacation, so travelers can get their new vest of dress in about 3-4hs if they want to wait and get their clothes immediately, otherwise you can leave your address and the tailors will delivery at your place. On the other hand, customer can take order online, you just provide information about size, type of clothes that your need and make an appointment, you will have new clothes.

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