What can we offer?

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What can we offer?

Visting Bi Hanh Tailor, We provide you with a collection of fabrics for visitors to choose. With a huge collection of material, color full and style.

Hoi An has long been known for service “hot tailors”. You can order on request and receive it within a few hours later. And even if, you can leave measurements, the address where you are staying. The store will send the product to take to the place for you. In the pre-appointment period, costume shop staff will provide on-site for guests to try. If it does not to your size, you will be revised to standard designs.

We provide service order online. Store instructions on how to measure, choosing fabric samples … After sewing, delivery is available at the address you give, you will transfer money from account to shop.

In materials and design, To sewing a clothes in Hoi An is not much different than the dress in other regions of the country. Selected fabrics silk long dress is Ha Dong, Ma Chau Bao Loc … In particular, Ha Dong silk and Bao Loc is considered high-end, by soft material, thin, graceful regular price over  1.5 million VND for each set. In contrast, the other fabrics in the range of less than 1 million VND. Price for a set of cloth at Bi Hanh shop is not higher than any where else.

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